Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DJ Khaled Delivers a Banger With His New Single "I'm The One"

DJ Khaled has done it again. He recently unveiled the video for ‘I’m The One’, featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo from Migos. And it's hot.

The high-gloss visual begins with a clip of Khaled and his infant son Asahad and shows the crew cavorting around a lavish mansion with an invite from Khaled to “celebrate life success and our blessings”.

This might very well be the song of the summer. The song you internally groove to but externally roll your eyes to when it comes on at your favorite bar. This is the song you catch yourself dancing to while waiting for the train in the morning. This is the song that will be playing when you share a beautiful moment with your friends that you will look back on decades from now as the highlight of your year.

Thanks to DJ Khaled, we have our first "Song of the Summer" contender for 2017. Verses from several accomplished rappers? Check. A reference to how someone reacts to molly? Check. A largely nonsensical music video filled with scantily clad women hanging out in a tropical location? Check, check, and check.

As far as the actual song goes, Bieber provides some solid connective tissue between Quavo and Chance, who are unsurprisingly the standouts.

Ultimately, only history can decide if "I'm the One," will be 2017’s Song of the Summer. But when you sit down for your first mojito of the year as sweat dances on the back of your neck, it won’t be surprising if "I’m the One” quickly pops into your mind.

Check out the video below: