Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Steve Aoki and Vin Diesel Are Sitting on A “Monster” Collaboration

Prior to playing a two-hour set for the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards after party last weekend, Steve Aoki sat down to talk about a few projects he has coming up -- including a collaboration with Fate of the Furious star Vin Diesel. Sounds weird yet interesting.

"I was able to help capture an essence from Vin," Aoki says of the unfinished song. "He loves music. He’s a musical guy, but I think no one’s been able to help produce him to a place where he could really share a lot of his vulnerabilities, and you’re going to hear that in his song. And you’re going to really feel it. I don’t want to give away too much besides that, but it’s a special song. For Vin, he’s so excited, so he wanted to share it, but it’s in a very early stage. But even at this early stage, there is so much magic in the song already that it’s going to really blow people's minds. They’re going to see a side of Vin, and they’re going to hear a side of Vin, that no one’s ever experienced."

Aoki is also readying an album for release in 2017. "I have an album called Kolony, it’s coming out in the summer, a brand new album. I released the first single with 2 Chains [and DVBBS] called 'Without U' two weeks ago, and my next single I’m going to release at the beginning of June is with Migos and Lil Yachty, and that’s going to also allow people to pre-order the album. It’s a 10-song album with T-Pain and Gucci Mane, so a lot of incredible hip-hop artists on there.

"I always want to work with different artists. I’ve already been working on my next album after this album. I have Neon Future III coming out next year, and I’ve already finished a song with Lady Antebellum and Blink-182, so I love working with everyone: Bands, hip-hop artists, pop singers, male and female vocalists, musicians, everyone. I don’t care about the genre; I don’t care if you’re a folk artist, country artist, rock artist, rhythm artist, R&B, hip-hop. I want to work with everyone that inspires me.”