Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Kinks Frontman Ray Davies Reveals The Band Is Getting Back Together

The Kinks' frontman Ray Davies confirmed on Monday (June 25) that the "You Really Got Me" singers will be getting back together following a 20 year rift.

After forming in London in 1964, the band split up in the nineties due to rising tensions between band members. In a recent interview with Channel 4, Ray revealed, "The trouble is, the two remaining members, my brother Dave and Mick, never got along very well. But I've made that work in the studio and it's fired me up to make them play harder, and with fire."

That fire is being channeled toward a new Kinks album, featuring songs Davies wrote during the split. Davies was inspired to get the band back together after seeing The Rolling Stones' successful U.K. tour. While he praised the Stones' "well-organized" comeback, he said, "The Kinks will probably be playing the local bar."